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 Rach Fishbough


Shags, mullets, mohawks, undercuts, razor cuts, anything punky or funky, Rach is here for it! He loves to let his creative side flow with color blocking and pops of color that blend with their clients' natural shades.

As a queer and non-binary individual, Rach understands the struggle of finding the right cut and style that is gender-affirming or non-conforming, sparks joy, and is easy to maintain. He is passionate about providing haircuts that complement each person's unique hair texture and styles that are simple to replicate at home. They specialize in cutting all hair textures, and have a deep love for sculpting all types of curls. Not much for conversation or just not up for chatting? When booking, add a note to your appointment that you'd like a quiet appointment for a talk-free salon visit (outside of the consultation).


Rach is full of laughter and is always ready to talk about their favorites; movies, shows, musicals, video games, you name it! They spend their free time with family, partners, and pups, chilling at home crocheting, or raiding the nearest Joanns or Homegoods for crafts and puzzles. With a background in musical theatre, Rach uses karaoke and ecstatic dance to scratch their performances itch. Their desire to bring smiles to their audience through performing translates to their job as a hair artist.  They love creating joy for others through their work.

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